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Partnership and Job Opportunity
About Us | Fri, 28 Feb 2014 - 03:46 | Dibaca kali


  • We understand that human resources is one of the main priority that imporant in the long term of the business, therefore we are very interested in great candidate human resources with great experience and attitude. We will offer great and better benefit to this candidate (high percentage of revenue). We are looking such as :  Hotel Manager, Chef, Masseur, Housekeeping, Front Office, Store Manager (minimarket, fashion store, retail store, distribution goods, restaurant, etc)

  • We are interested in any business that profitable and have a great opportunity in the future. Therefore we could offer a capital and location if the business opportunity is a great opportunity from our perspective.  

  • We are looking for Hotel Group Booking, Project Tender, Business Deal : we could customize and provide any of your request and requirement if suit with our business from our group business. Then we also could give discount and comission for any of person that referencing us as a partner.

    For more negotiation and discussion , please contact us by phone : +6285257 240 246 or email : 


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